Privacy Policy

We put your privacy at premium and use all the means to ensure that the information you are providing is in safe hands. Here we are providing all the essential information linked to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Specifications

We can acquire your personal information when you visit our site or while you are filling out our forms or connect with one of our servers. You can be asked questions related to your name, email address, banking information, phone number and address. However, it is up to you whether you want to reveal your personal information or not. We can’t collect any information from you unless you give us your consent.

Information Usage Policy

This is why we need the information that we have gathered from you-

  • For communication purposes- We can only be in touch with you if we have the contact information about you and this is the only way to keep you up to track with the changes we have made in our policies. We can’t resolve your problems unless we have your contact information. Hence the information is used by us for the mutual benefit.
  • Conducting transactions- We use a secure method of payment to ensure that your privacy remains uncompromised. Our billing methods ensure that there is no risk involved for the user and that nothing is extracted from the private information supplied to us.
  • Improvements- We use a visitor’s data to make the necessary changes and run our services in a more proficient manner. The data gathered by us is used for making performance related improvements.

Safeguarding Your Information

Our servers are safe and ensure that your information only stays with us and that it can’t be accessed by anyone else. Our servers are certified and adopt encryption methods through which we can make sure that your information is never leaked or compromised. The information that we gather from you is only accessible to us.

Modification in the Privacy Policy

We have all the rights to enforce changes in our Privacy Policy at any point of time. We want to make it clear that our Privacy Policy is subject to changes and if we make any changes, we make sure that we communicate with you and convey you that we have made certain changes in our policy. Therefore, we advise you to constantly check our website for privacy policy changes.