Enter Model Number & Download Driver

Epson.com/connect is known for manufacturing high-quality printers and it has been around for several decades now. It is natural that such a big-name product will attract a large number of people and hence a lot of people are dependent upon this printer to undertake their tasks. The Epson inkjet is a known commodity in the world of printers and it is known for its capability to print a large number of papers in a short period of time. Epson produces a versatile range of printers and its laser printers are known for their top-notch speed and performance. To setup a printer through a device, one needs to first install drivers related to it, this is the only way to form a link between the two devices. Access www.epson.com/connect for the purpose.


A printer works once it is connected with a device such as laptop and desktop. Epson has both the wireless and USB based printer under its belt. Apart from the drivers, the system must also add the machine in its list of recognized devices. This is a procedure which can be tricky sometimes as sometimes the drivers are established automatically, but other times a user has to undertake the tenuous task of installing the drivers.

How to install Epson Printer with USB

The wired version of the printer requires the printer to be plugged in through the USB port. Here is how you can setup Epson printer with USB-

  • First, find a space to establish the printer on a blank surface. Make sure that the printer is kept in a clean spot.
  • Then, carefully connect the printer’s power cord with the electricity board and turn on the printer by pushing the power button.
  • Then connect the USB of the printer to the USB port of the laptop or Desktop. The USB port can be located on the either side of the Laptop or on the front or the back of the CPU of a Computer.
  •  Afterwards, the system will notify you when your printer has been successfully connected.
  • The drivers may automatically install upon connection or you can take the manual method to complete the setup of your printer and connect it with your system.
  • To undertake the manual method, you must first visit Epson.com/connect and then select your printer model and then later selecting the Operation System version that is placed in your system.
  • Once you specify the details given above, a downloadable link will be generated. Click on the link and the download will start as soon as you click on the link.
  • The downloading time depends upon the speed of the internet and the performance of your system. Be patient if it takes a bit of time.
  • Locate the downloaded file in your system and double click on it. As you will double click on it, files related to the drivers will start loading and the installation of the drivers will complete in a short time.
  • Once the drivers are established, check if your printer has been working properly.

There can be cases when even upon successfully downloading the file; there can be issues while completing the installation. It can happen if you have not inserted the correct model number or the downloaded file is corrupt or incomplete. In such cases, you can connect with us and we will provide you with the appropriate solutions.

How to install Epson Wireless Printer with USB Cable

By setting up the wireless connection with the printer, you can eliminate the need for a USB cable and conduct your printing operations in a more convenient way. You can also use the USB cable to transform your connection and go ahead. Here is how you can setup the wireless printer using a USB cable-

  • First, connect the USB cable of the printer to the port in the system. Once you connect the printer with the system, the drivers may start installing by themselves.
  • If the above step doesn’t work then go to www.epson.com/connect.
  • Once you click on the link, you need to specify your model type and the Operation System version.
  • After you have mentioned the essential given above, you then need to click on the “Download drivers” option and a download will start.
  • Wait for the download to finish and once the download is finishes, click on the packaged file that is related to the installation of the drivers.
  • Wait for the installation to finish and you will have completed the establishment of the drivers in your system.
  • Now, to convert the printer into a total wireless connection, you need to setup a wireless print server.
  • Setting up a wireless printer server in accordance with the system and the printer require a router and Ethernet cable.
  • Place the wireless server in an area which is cohesive and then wait for the system to catch the signal from the wireless print server.
  • Connect your wireless print server with the system. Once the connection is establish, you need to connect your printer with the printer server and then connect the server to a router using the Ethernet cable.
  • Then go to your wireless printer and switch on the WPS. Once the WPS is connected then you need to insert the model type and specify some other details related to your system when prompted.
  • Once the printer recognizes the system. You need to add the device to the list of devices in the system.
  • You can do so by going to the Control Panel and then going to the Printers & Fax option.
  • From there, you need to find your device by using the “Scan” button. Make sure that the wireless connection is turned in both your printer server and the printer itself.
  • Now, you can use your printer from anywhere in the vicinity of the print server.

This is how you can engage the printer in wireless connection. In the recent times, wireless connection has taken over the wired ones and it is only natural to switch from the wired to a wireless connection. For more, you can visit Epson.com/connect

How to install Epson Printer without USB cable

A wireless printer is highly utilitarian and makes for a smooth printing job. This is how you can install Epson printer without USB cable-

  • First, you need to establish the drivers in the system. You can do so online.
  • Go to www.epson.com/connect and then go to the section where you can install the drivers.
  • Specify your model type and then select the Operation System version for which you want to install the drivers.
  • Once you have mentioned the model type and the OS version, a downloadable link will be generated.
  • Click on the downloadable link and soon your download will start. The download will finish in a short space of time.
  • Click on the installation file and the files related to the drivers for the printers. The installation will finish within a short duration.
  • Once your drivers are established, you can connect your wireless printer with the system.
  • To undertake the task, go to Epson.com/connect and then select the option to register the printer.
  • Go through the Software License Agreement and you can continue only if you have agreed to the terms of the Agreement.
  • Click on Install and in the next window, the installer will tell you the version of your printer.
  • Then later connect your account with the printer and the printer registration will be completed.
  • Afterwards, turn on the WPS to initiate the connection between the printer and the system.
  • Next, you need to find the SSID. Go to the printer’s Control Panel and then use the arrow button to navigate through the Network Settings.
  • Then find the SSID. Then specify the network key and the WEP settings.
  • Once you have completed the WEP settings and specified the SSID then you can locate the printer through the system.
  • Find your IP address and also specify it in the settings of the printer.
  • Then go to the Control Panel and click on the Printers and Fax option.
  • Then add the device by scanning and clicking on the model of the printer.
  • This is how you can setup the wireless printer.

 So, this is how you can connect the printer in a number of ways. There can be a number of problems you can encounter while setting up the printer.  Apart from the installation issue, you can face the problem of identifying the model and the OS type. And as you can infirm from the pointers given above, setting up a wireless printer requires advance help in terms of locating the WEP, SSID and the network security key, which is also required during some of the occasions. You can also face some troublesome situations even after you have setup the printer. You can find more information about the Epson printer here and you can also download the drivers here after specifying your model number. It must be noted that the printer can’t function without the presence of the drivers.