Refund Policy

Our IT Expert will furnish you with all the details regarding the plans. We have a billing method that is encrypted and doesn’t compromise the sensitive information. You give your consent that after you have received our services in the beginning then you must pay the subsequent charges.

After you have talked to our experts and comply with the plans lay down by us, then you will be liable to pay the fee for our services. You can either choose the date on which we can collect the payment or you will be charged on the date of the initial service every month. As you agree with us verbally and commit to our plan, you give us the right to charge you monthly until your plan expires.  

We will provide you a refund in case we haven’t even initiated the service. If there is a connectivity issue while contacting us then you are also eligible for refund. But once we have provided you with our services, there is no provision of refund.

You can only place a request for refund within a time space of 4 days after we have provided the service. To avail the refund, you must first provide us the inadequacies that you felt with our services and tell us a concrete reason. If we don’t resolve the issue or if there has been some technical fault from our side then you can be liable for refund. You also agree that if your problem has been fixed then you are not liable for the refund.

Under our one-time service scheme, we conduct operations on your system for a time period of 6 days to get rid of your issue. You agree that after the six days window has finished, we are not responsible for providing you any service if any fresh issue springs up. You also agree that we are not liable for any future issues that can affect your system after the completion of the 6 days window, especially if the issue is unrelated to the problem that we took care for you. There is a case where we can provide you with assistance if the issue that we resolved continues to bug you again. To continue our services after the completion of the one-time plan, you can pay for any another one-time plan or you can go for one of our monthly plans.