Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number
Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number

Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number 1-855-635-3036

Malwarebytes is antivirus software that shields the system from all kinds of external threats such as malware, spyware, and bugs. The antivirus is popular in the world and a lot of folks depend upon its services, it is easy to use and can perform multiple tasks at a single time. However, setting up the software can be a hassle filled routine and you can require help to perform this function, in such cases you can also require to call the Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number. Here is how you can install the software-

  • Access the official website of Malwarebytes antivirus and then look for the latest version of the software. Once you find the latest version, click on the link and the download will start immediately. Find the file in the destination folder in which you have your downloaded files. Double click on the packaged and begin the installation process
  • Once you click on the file to set up the software in your system, a User Control Panel will pop up. It will ask your permission to go forth with the installation process. Choose the language in which you want to install the software in the next section. Then you need to access the drop-down menu and from there a list of available languages will be displayed. 
  • Then you have to mention if you are on a Personal Computer or a Work Computer. The Work option is used if you want to use the software in your workspace and may want to connect more devices to the antivirus. Under the next part, you have read all the pointers specified in the Software License Agreement and the Privacy Policy. If you give your consent to the terms and conditions that are specified in the Agreement, then click on Agree and proceed further. You can only move forward in the installation process if you give your consent to the Agreement.
  • Once you are satisfied with the configuration related to your software, click on the Install option. After you click on the option, the antivirus will start transferring files related to the program in the system. Now, you just have to wait for the installation is finish and they run a test scan to see if the program is working properly

These are the guidelines to install the software in your system. There can be times when you can have issues with installation and can be prompted to call the Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number. If you are done with the installation process then you need to activate the Premium version of the software, which authenticates your purchase of the premium product. These are the pointers you can follow to legitimize the purchase of your antivirus-

  • Find the Malwarebytes Security Product Key and then you have to note down the key carefully. Now, you have to access the software and once it is opened, you have to click on the Activate button on the side of your screen.
  • Once the software panel loads up, you need to find the space in which you can insert your Security Product Key. In case you have a License ID then you can apply both the ID and the Activate Key.
  • Tap on the Activate button after you have inserted the Security Key. Make sure you insert it carefully.

Apart from the installation and activation procedure, there are other reasons why you can have a query regarding the antivirus, these queries can cover wide-ranging issues that you can face while operating the software. In some of these cases, you are unable to identify the core issue related to the problem and can need the help of Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number. There can be technical or basic reasons as to why you can face these issues. This is the list of common problems that you can face while operating the software-

  • Installation errors. You can face installation issues if the packaged file related to the installation process has been compromised or damaged. Make sure that the version of the software you are downloading is compatible with your system. You can also face problems with the installation if you have downloaded the file from an illegitimate source.
  • Errors from left-behind files. If all the components of your antivirus haven’t been completely wiped out then the software can leave behind registry errors and problematic files. Get rid of these registry errors if you want to establish new security software in the system.
  • Malware or virus takeover of the antivirus. There are certain elements like virus which are built through advanced mechanist to avoid detection. There are cases when such type of virus can freeze your antivirus and take over all its functions. In such a case you are bound to face problems related to the antivirus software.
  • Update errors. If you are not up-to-date with the latest version of your software then you can also face certain problems in association with the antivirus. Make sure that the antivirus is constantly updated and you don’t miss any sort of updates.
  • Core files compromised. There are instances when the central files related to your antivirus have been damaged or compromised. In such cases, the core files of your software can be demolished because of a system error or because of a bug that has entered your system. You may have to reinstall your antivirus in such cases.
  • Problems with the performance of the system. There are times when your system doesn’t work in a proper manner and the influence impacts the performance of your antivirus. In such instances, the Random Access Memory (RAM) can be clogged because it has been burdened with too many tasks. The performance of your software can also dwindle if there are too many unattended errors in your system that needs to be addressed on immediate notice. In such cases, you can have the need of the Malwarebytes Customer Care Phone Number.

There are other errors that can penetrate your software and render you helpless, in such cases it is wise to contact for help.