Epson Printer offline

Epson has been known for making high reliable printers and its services are relished by a large number of people all across the globe. They are known for manufacturing laser and desk inkjets which are known from their high-end performances and top-notch printing results. However just like any machine, Epson is vulnerable to some issues and these issues can crop up with anyone. One of the most common issues that can plague you are using the machine is when the printer is offline. Here is the list of reasons that can cause the Epson printer offline issue-

  • Problems with the connection settings. You can only use a wireless printer when you have correct network settings in order. If the port values which are related to the commands of your system have not been correctly inserted then you can face issues while connecting with the printer and it will be shown offline because of an error. To fix this issue, make sure that your network settings are in the right place if this is the error.
  • WLAN connection in your printer. Sometimes the WLAN connection for your printer, which enables the printer to establish a link with the system can showcase signs of fluctuations. In this case, you may not have turned on the WLAN connection through the printer itself. To check this issue, you can use the Menu button, access the WLAN option and see whether the WLAN function is turned on or not.
  • Drivers. If your drivers are out of date and have not undergone any recent updates then you can see such problems. It is highly advisable to check if the drivers related to your printers are up-to-date and if that isn’t the case then the user must ensure that the drivers are properly configured.
  • Check if you allowed the printer to work online and have not relegated its role just as an offline printer. For this purpose, visit the Control Panel, open up the list of devices and see if your printer has been marked to only work offline. If that is the case, the remove the offline option and enable your printer to work when it’s WLAN has been enabled.

These are some of the ways to deal with the Epson printer offline issue. However there are various other reasons why your printer can showcase signs of decay. You must check if the machine is working alright. If that’s not the case then you must check for the drivers for your printer.