Epson Printer Tech Support Number

Epson Printer Tech Support Number 1-855-635-3130 USA & Canada

Epson produces a long line of printers and their services are enjoyed by a large number of users. However, their printers are also susceptible to certain vulnerabilities as is the case with any other brand or machine. One of the common issues that can plague your machine is when your printer goes offline. In this case, you can require the services of the Epson Printer Tech Support Number. You can undertake the following measures to check issues related to the drivers-

  • Make sure that your Printer is turned on and if the network is enabled.
  • Now go to Control Panel and select the Printers and Fax tab. Then select the printer type from the list that is generated there.
  • In certain cases, your printer can be marked as offline, in this case, un-tick the offline box. However, there are times when this method just doesn’t work and you have to start the process from the start.

To set up the printer and establish the drivers, you must follow the pointers stated below-

  • You need to first uninstall the drivers related to the printer that is already present in the system. You can go to the System Settings and uninstall this set of drivers.
  • Now, add the printer by using the scan option, which can be found in the Add Device section. You need to add the printer once it has been identified as the scanner of the system.
  • The device can automatically setup the drivers once the connection has been established.
  • However, if the above method doesn’t work then you need to access the official website of Epson. Now, go to the Drivers tab then mention the Printer Model and Operation System type.
  • Once you have mentioned the two details given above then the drivers will start to download.
  • Then go to the Control Panel section option. And from there to Printers and Fax.
  • Locate your device there and see if it has been successfully configured
  • Now you can conduct your printing operations as your drivers have been set up again
  • If the issue persists then you can require troubleshooting it. You can troubleshoot the issue and uproot any problem related to your printer if you contact the Epson Printer Tech Support Number USA.
  • There are chances that the issues can keep persisting even after the drivers have been set up successfully. Your printer can be offline even if you have reinstalled your drivers related to the printer. Check your network settings to make sure that the device has been enabled to set up a link with the printer.

There are major issues that can affect the way you are using your printer. These issues can be of wide-ranging variety.

The list of some of these issues is given below

  • Paper misalignment. It is crucial to make sure that your paper is aligned properly while you are inserting it into the printer. The printing paper should be parallel concerning the tray and make sure that the roller can wrap it up in a proper manner.
  • Residual matter. There are instances when the scraps of the printing paper can act as a leftover and are stuck in the inlet of the printer/, In this case, it impedes all the printing functions and you are unable to generate any sort of output.
  • Presence of the moisture on paper. If the printing paper is wet then you are unable to produce any kind of output. You should make sure that the paper is dry before you insert it in the tray.
  • Paper compatibility. There is a specific type of sheet that is used to carry out your printing operations. Make sure you are using a compatible set of printing papers if you want to generate any kind of printing material.
  • Ink cartridge issues. If your ink cartridge hasn’t been properly configured that the toner is unable to load up the ink for printing operations. There are cases when your ink has been depleted so naturally, your printer is unable to carry out any printing operations.
  • Drivers out of date. Your drivers need to be up-to-date as they are the core of the link that is formed between a printer and a device. Hence, it becomes necessary to constantly update your drivers and be on the track.
  • Hardware issues with the printer. If your printer has been overworked then there are chances that the machine has been worn out. In such a case, you may have to contact the Epson Tech Support Number and address the issues related to the printer.
  • Printer not located. There are instances when your printer can’t be identified by the system and you are left in a confused state.   
  • Roller and Toner problems. The roller of your printer rolls the printing sheets but if it has been worn out then there is a considerable decline in the performance of the printer. On the other hand, the toner performs the functions of supplying the ink, if the toner has been worn out then there is going to be a dip in the printer’s efficiency.
  • Tray troubles. The tray is the exterior part through which you can insert the paper. If the tray has been affected in any way then you can’t conduct your printing operations.
  • The problem from the end of the software. If you are software settings that aren’t set in the right way then you can have problems with the printer. Make sure that you have enabled the functions of the printer.
  • Wireless printer slow speed. Your wireless printer at times works at an extremely slow pace. In this case, you can take the help of the Epson Tech Support Number.
  • Empty sheets being printed. There are instances when your printer can print the empty sheets of paper. These empty sheets can be printed because of an array of reasons.
  • False low-ink warning. There are times when your printer flashes a low-ink warning even the ink cartridge has enough ink in it. In this case, configure the cartridge again and see if it works.